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Nudibranchs - Facts about the World's Prettiest Slugs

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Our favorite excerpts:

  • “Ranging from 20 to 600mm, it is believed that only half the total number of nudibranch species has been discovered so far, despite this numbering an impressive 3,000 or so to date. The largest nudibranch ever recorded was a 52 cm Spanish Dancer, found in the Red Sea.”

  • “They have cannibalistic features too, by rearing up like a cobra to engulf their kin (normally a different species.) Despite all of this, it has been known that some humans eat these creatures, although when the experience is likened to "chewing an eraser" it's not high on the list of delicacies I would like to try!”

  • “They don't bite you, emit a foul odor, sneak up behind you, or otherwise ruin your day. Plus, when you see a variety you haven't seen or recognized before, you may be revealing a new species so make sure you have your camera to hand!”

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