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Hello! My name is Hannah Tilley and I am the owner of the @ilovenudis community and store. I am a scuba diver and underwater photographer based out of Edmonds, WA. I fell in love with Nudibranchs on my very first dive at Cove 2 in Seattle when I spotted a glowing white “thing”. My love for these beautiful slugs has grown into a passion and I have over 30,000 followers across multiple channels including divers from all over the world. We share our love of these quirky yet stunning slugs and our passion for the ocean and diving. I sell fun Nudibranch merch and teach others about them! My mission is to make Nudibranch a household name ❤️


Before I started diving, I would hear about the human impacts on the ocean but it seemed so distant and out of my realm. However, as soon as I took my first breath underwater those issues became personal. The ocean is my playground, my sanctuary, my home. It is where we can breathe deeply while looking for Nudibranchs and humans are destroying it in front of our eyes.

I fell in love with the ocean as we all have and would do anything to protect it. I believe that love is stronger than fear and I believe
it is a powerful tactic to save our oceans, our Nudis, and ourselves. One way we can use this tactic is to introduce non-divers to the underwater world and expose them to the beautiful creatures they can find for themselves. I believe by building up the underwater community we can make a difference. I love meeting and talking to people at my Popups in Edmonds who have never dared to look under the surface. I want to show them it is accessible and available to them wherever they are. Humans protect what they love so let's protect the Nudis and their home together!



Artist. Dive Buddy. Dive Planner. Explorer. Always on a mission.

Owner of I LOVE NUDIS and video creator

Loving nudibranchs in the Pacific Northwest



Artist. Designer. Dive Buddy. Lover of Nudis. Often seen upside down underwater.

Artist & Designer for I LOVE NUDIS

Loving nudibranchs in the Pacific Northwest


Kokonana, a Seattle based artist, focuses on creepy cute monsters and creatures. She spends a lot of time in her home office conjuring up madness and sprinkling cute dust on everything. You can find her sipping coffee with her cat, or in a forest foraging for dead things (flowers, insects, bones).



Julia Beery is a science illustrator with an affinity for mushrooms, bats, and all kinds of plants. She is in awe of the world we live in, and explores the strangeness of this world through drawing. She grew up in Berkeley, California, and currently lives in Oakland.

Loving nudibranchs in Oakland, CA



Caroline Collatos, owner of ScientificSeas, is a marine biologist with a passion for art from Nantucket, MA. Check out @ScientificSeas to see her designs, updates on Caroline's shark and fish research, and other's marine research, and learn more cool marine fishy facts!

Loving nudibranchs in Nantucket, MA



Hi, I'm Alena (she/her)! I am a "sciartist" (artist+scientist) passionate about wildlife conservation. My art focuses primarily on telling stories about wildlife and wild spaces. I also work in the realm of wildlife conservation science, and this influences my art significantly! I love bringing the worlds of art and science together to create positive change.

Loving nudibranchs in Victoria, Canada



"Fungi, maps, and political events permeate most of my work. I find them to be bizarre and otherworldly. This being said I cannot understand enough about them. I wonder how they can be combined, what can be learned from them?"

Loving nudibranchs in Bountiful, Utah



“A recurring nuisance throughout my diving career has been the soggy log book. After handing out more replacement books than I can count (and having to dry a fair few out myself), I started to wonder why no one had thought to make these water resistant… and so Dive Proof was born!” - Gemma Thompson, Owner of Dive Proof

Loving nudibranchs in the UK


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