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Ren Taylor scuba diving with her underwater photography equipment

Photographer Spotlight - Ren Taylor

March Underwater Photographer - Ren Taylor! Ren is currently a Dive Master and photographer in Hawaii. She makes stunning Reels, takes amazing drone videos as well as underwater photos and videos, and of course - loves a good Nudibranch. She was also one of my first customers! 
Photographer Spotlight - Francesco Martini

Photographer Spotlight - Francesco Martini

February Underwater Photographer #2 - Francesco Martini! Francesco currently lives in Barcelona, Spain and got his Divemaster cert in Thailand. I repost his work all the time so you should recognize some of them! And you'll see why I am always sharing his stuff - it's incredible to say the least. 
Photographer Spotlight - Shireen Shipman

Photographer Spotlight - Shireen Shipman

February Underwater Photographer #1 - Shireen Shipman! She currently lives in San Diego, CA and loves diving, tide pooling, and traveling. She talks about her goals with photography and how to become a better underwater photographer! She LOVES Nudibranchs of course, with the Hopkins Rose being her favorite.
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