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very good

he's very small and purple and he lives under the handle of my fridge :)


i love my little sea lemon :’) the pin is just as cute as the pictures! i've found a few sea lemons tidepooling and seeing this little guy makes me so happy

hes purple

i cannot even begin to stress how shaped this thing is

Radical Retro Hoodie

Love the look and feel, top notch quality and the design is feelin very 90's.
Got this for my daughter and not only got a laugh but also a hug. Has inspired many conversations and now with some basic nudibranch information, we have both been able to sound somewhat intelligent in the realm of sea slugs.
Thank you I LOVE NUDIS!
We appreciate you! Keep diving!

Absolutely LOVED my order

Title says it all- I ordered the Nudibranch book and it’s incredible- from the information and compelling text to the stunning images. Also, I was so pleasantly surprised that they sent a couple of stickers along with my order for free; I definitely recommend getting this!!!

species at the back

I wasn't sure what colors to use, but then I ran across the back of the book which named the type of nudi that was on each page


These are adorable. I can't get over it. They are life size (small and cute)


I have a rule, If its nudibranch themed, it comes home with me. This travel pillow is what it is, a nudibranch themed travel pillow that turns into a nudibranch. It feels like it has some microbeads inside, and it weighs very little.

My wife loves it

Super cute stickers!

I love this nudibranch sticker sheet! The art style is super cute, they’re a great size, and good quality stickers that seem like they will last a long time. I’m very excited to show them off :)

Little slug

He’s a little slug I love him I have so many slugs and I have given my purple one a baby

Soft little guy!

I love how plushy soft she is! I wish they carried the pink version of this moon jelly - then I would have two! FYI- It is a really small jellyfish though.

So cute

These stickers are sooooo cute and detailed. Just amazing!!!! I can't wait to recieve them.

Favorite sweater

Great quality! Super soft on the inside sizing is on point (I’m 5’7 and 230lbs) the XL was a perfect fit! The logo pops on the black one. I typically like to wear darker colors so I was stoked when I saw the black one. Thanks for more fantastic products I Love Nudis!!

LOVE my Lettuce Nudi pin!!

Pin is made well and is super cute!!

Blue Dragon!

I love blue dragons! And I’m so glad I was able to order some of these amazing stickers.

Absolutely love these stickers!

They’re quality is fantastic! And the colors are vibrant. Definitely ordering more in the future!

Super Fun!

The stickers are super fun! And the info on Nudibranchs is even better! Check out the whole site to open your eyes to a new world…

Send Nudes!!!

My daughter loved the stickers! The detail and colors on them are perfection. Very fast shipping which is a plus for me and they arrived unbent also! I will order again in the future!


Great quality and service!!

So great!

Perfect bling for my ID badge


First of all - totally excited I could get several items! (I ❤️ Nudis too!) Delivery was quick and the items purchased far exceeded my expectations! I will be purchasing several more items soon

I LOVE NUDIS™ Long Sleeve Tee - Black
Michelle Manson Michelle Manson
Can you say love my long sleeved shirt?!?

I’ve had a short sleeved “I Love Nudis” T and it’s sooo soft so I was super stoked to get myself a long sleeve as well and it didn’t disappoint!! Comfy AND has a nudi on front, how could I NOT love it!!! Thank you!!

Useful & Beautiful

I bought this to learn more about Nudis. It is informative with gorgeous photos, and since it is waterproof you can take it out in the field.