NUDIS IN THE NEWS - February 2023

 Nudibranch photo

The "Ribbed" nudibranchs photo submission captured by Aleksei Permiakov shows a close-up view of a Tambja Morosa nudibranch in Bali, Indonesia.

The Most Dazzling Ocean Photos of the Year

"This is the winner of the Nudibranch category, taken by Aleksei Permiakov in Bali, Indonesia. Nudibranchs are a group of mollusks known for shedding their shells once they leave their larval stage. Like many species, this gloomy nudibranch (Tambja morosa) has a vivid appearance and coloration."

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Glaucus atlanticus nudibranch photo

"Glaucus Atlanticus: the mollusk that looks like a Pokémon, but be careful not to touch it..."

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