The Strange and Magnificent Nudibranchs of the Cape

Check out these beautiful Nudibranchs, especially the Gas Flame Nudi!

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Our favorite Excerpts:

  • “Its strange. Nudibranchs are hard to see at first. They are tiny slug-like animals that move slowly along the sea floor, blending in with the many other purples and reds and blues of the reef… They are also totally mesmerising. Once you spot one and dive down close, hanging weightless above the animal, you simply cannot take your eyes away from the neon colours dancing in the light, the soft tentacle-like arms swaying in the swell.”

  • “Look closely at the nudis. Get lost in their shapes and colours and see what images your mind produces. And for a moment, admire the natural wonders that our ocean produces, but are so rarely seen.”

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