Photographer Spotlight - Corinne Klein

Photographer Spotlight - Corinne Klein


I am excited to introduce you all to our November Underwater Photographer - Corinne Klein. I have been following Corinne for a few years now and am obsessed with her Japan daily life stories - if you aren't following her, you are missing out! She takes amazing underwater photos, especially of Nudis but she is also just super fun to follow. She posts her daily adventures in Japan and what it is like to live and dive in another country. She is a marine biologist so is always giving the facts and her captions are always fun to read. You can find her on instagram at @corinnelovesnature - Keep reading to find out more about Corinne and her journey with Underwater Photography!
Corinne Klein scuba diver on beach
Tell the Nudi community a little about you and where you are based out of!
Hey Nudi Community! My name is Corinne and I'm a marine biologist (currently working in medical research cuz life) living in Yokohama, Japan. Part of my childhood was spent growing up in Oman which is where my love for the ocean was sparked. I ended up pursuing a career in marine biology which lead me to working, studying, and diving in some incredible places like the Bering Sea of Alaska, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Ghana, Tanzania, and New Zealand. Now that I have more of a desk job I’m super thankful to be close to the fantastic diving Japan has to offer so I can escape to the underwater world on weekends and the occasional evening!
Corinne Klein scuba diver in Japan
When and why did you start diving? How did you get started with underwater photography and why?
I have always loved being in the water which led me to a career in marine biology and diving was a natural addition to that! I completely my open water in 2006 in Koh Tao, Thailand and 5 years later completed my divemaster in Tanzania.

I didn't get into underwater photography till I started diving for fun (instead of for research or work)! I’ve never been too serious about it, but I ended up finding an amazing group of women divers and photographers while living in San Diego. They were (and still are!) super supportive, helpful and crazy talented and my photography got sooo much better during that time!

Photography helps me share the underwater world with people who don't have access to the ocean or have a fear of diving! I also love science communication and I think pairing photos with some fun facts about critters is such a great way to get anyone excited about the ocean.
Tell us a little about your setup! Dive gear & photography gear must haves
I shot with a SeaLife for years but have recently switched to the Olympus TG6. I've only ever had point and shoots and I honestly love them. They’re lightweight, take great shots, and you still have money left over for dive trips! I would say gear must haves for photography is lighting...strobes, lights whatever you want to use just something to bring those colors to life!
Nudibranch on reef
Your favorite Nudibranchs and where you can find them 
Such a hard question but I gotta say, anyone in the Melibe family!! I fell in love with lion's mane nudis when I lived in San Diego and was absolutely delighted when I discovered there's multiple species here in Japan!! Not to be dramatic but the day I see a ghost nudi I might pass out from happiness!

No shortage of nudis in Japan and I’m lucky my local dive spots (Tokyo and Sagami Bay) are full of them year-round. There are great rocky reefs and its fun seeing who shows up through the seasons. The waters off Tokyo fluctuate an insane amount from 26C (79F) in the summer to 10C (50F) in the winter months. Mating happens in the spring which is the best time to see a bunch! I recently went to Hachijojima, a small island about an hour flight from Tokyo and HOLY MOLY NUDIS!!! Like an insane amount haha definitely a nudi lovers paradise!!
Your favorite place to dive and a few places at the top of your bucket list 
Favorite place to dive is any body of water I'm closest to so currently that would be Tokyo Bay (although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try to get down to the beautiful warm waters of Okinawa any chance I get)! I would love to dive in South Africa, Indonesia, Raj Ampat, and do some lake diving at some point! Locally in Japan, I'm dying to get to Ogasawara, Yonaguni, and try ice diving in Hokkaido!
Nudibranch on eelgrass
Some tips and tricks for other underwater photographers and your goals for underwater photography! 
Wear white fins so you can easily set your white balance! As far as photography goals go...I just added a strobe to my gear which has been a steep learning curve but I'm excited to see where that leads! I’m honestly a lazy photographer with a slight grasp of Lightroom and just happy to be in the water clicking around hoping for the best!
Follow Corinne at @corinnelovesnature
Sea snake
Blue ring Octopus

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