Top Nudibranch Photos from May 2023

Top Nudibranch Photos from May 2023


Almost every day, I share Nudibranch and Sea Slug photos from tags I get around the world. Below are the most liked photos of May 2023. Be sure to follow me on Instagram here to see the daily posts!

What is a Nudibranch anyways? They are colorful Sea Slugs found all over the world in beautiful varying colors, sizes and shapes. About 3,000 different species have been identified and more are discovered every year. Nudibranchs capture the wonder and beauty of the ocean - help me teach the world about them!

Felimare cantabric nudibranch photo
Felimare cantabrica⁠ 📸 @joelruiz4real⁠ 📍Camp Bay, Gibraltar⁠
This nudibranch is found in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscay) and the Atlantic coasts of Spain and Portugal. This species can reach a total length of at least 40 mm and has been observed feeding on sponges from the genus Dysidea.⁠
Goniobranchus hintuanensis nudibranch photo
Goniobranchus hintuanensis⁠ 📸 @natunderwater 📍Tulamben, Bali⁠
Fun Fact: This species was described from Balayan Bay, Luzon, Philippines. It has been reported from the Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. Specimens from the Indian Ocean differ in having yellow spots in the paler patches of the dorsal pattern. ⁠
Gloomy Nudibranch (Tambja morosa) Nudibranch Photo
Gloomy Nudibranch (Tambja morosa) 💙📸 @monaphotographer📍Maldives⁠
Fun Fact: The distribution of this species is primarily Indo-Pacific. It is found in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Australia, French Polynesia, Fiji and Hawaii. Tambja morosa feeds on arborescent bryozoan colonies.⁠
Nembrotha lineolata Nudibranch
Nembrotha lineolata⁠ 📸 @nickhobgoodimages⁠ 📍 Timor-Leste, Southeast Asia⁠ 
Fun Fact: It is found in shallow water in the Indo-Pacific. It was first described in 1905 by the Danish malacologist Rudolph Bergh. The type locality is Selayar Island, Indonesia. ⁠ ⁠
Clown Nudibranch (Ceratosoma ameonum) Nudibranch
Clown Nudibranch (Ceratosoma ameonum) 🧡📸 @aquatearoa⁠ 📍Poor Knights Islands
Fun Fact: Ceratosoma amoenum is a common nudibranch found in the intertidal zones of temperate southern Australia and northern New Zealand. There have also been a few reported sightings off the coast of southern Queensland. This species has a white body which is elaborately patterned with orange and purple spots especially on the dorsum. The size of the spots varies according to range, with those individuals in New Zealand having the largest.⁠ ⁠ Ceratosoma amoenum is known to feed on sponges. It has been seen feeding on sponges from the genus Semitaspongia and the species Dysidea fragilis. It sequesters metabolites from its prey as a defense mechanism.⁠
Are you an underwater photographer? Be sure to tag me in your Nudibranch and Sea Slug Photos and video! I'd love to share them with the Nudi Colony!

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